About Us

Hip Hop Caucus

Founded in 2004, Hip Hop Caucus is a national, non-profit and non-partisan organization that connects the Hip Hop community to the civic process to build power and create positive change. The Hip Hop Caucus emerged from four organizations in 2004: Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit Action Network, P. Diddy’s Citizen Change (“Vote Or Die!”), Jay Z’s “Voice Your Choice”, and AFL-CIO’s “Hip Hop Voices.” Over the past decade Hip Hop Caucus has become a sustainable organization with grassroots infrastructure in eighteen (18) major U.S. cities. We strategically partner with entertainment industry leaders and national and local advocacy organizations, and we have a respected presence in the halls of the U.S. Congress, the White House, many federal agencies, and the United Nations.

Visit www.hiphopcaucus.org for more information. 


Respect My Vote!

Respect My Vote! is a non-partisan, voter registration, education, and mobilization campaign of the Hip Hop Caucus, a national, non-profit organization founded in 2004. We organize the people and institutions that create and promote urban and pop culture in order to reach, engage, and mobilize young voters, register them to vote, and empower them within our democracy. 

In 2016, recording artists, professional athletes, actors, comedians, and television personalities are coming together to be a part of the Respect My Vote! campaign. Media partners are promoting the campaign to young voters across the nation. We are leading grassroots organizing on the ground in key states, including: Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.

Visit www.respectmyvote.com for more information. 


People's Climate Music

People’s Climate Music is helping to expand the climate movement by organizing diverse and influential artists to create music and culture that inspires action to solve the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced – climate change. Organizations leading People’s Climate Music include Hip Hop Caucus, 350.org, Avaaz, NRDC, and Sierra Club.

Visit www.peoplesclimatemusic.com for more information.